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Market access

Medical Development Agency together with WHO and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences is the organizer of the International Forum

Medical Development Agency together with WHO and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences is the organizer of the International Forum "Europe and Russia:

Vector of development. Harmonization" devoted to the role of health technology  assessment (HTA). The International Forum (http://www.forum-hta.ru./) provides additional excellent opportunities for our clients to realize their market access strategies.

Medical Development Agency has successfully performed:

- 97 ABC/VEN and frequency analysis at the regional and local levels;

- 31 round table discussions

We have also carried out 4 patient registry projects

Market access is about:

  1. Considering the implications your product may have on the wider healthcare market;
  2. Understanding the impact the changing healthcare market will have on your product;
  3. Preparing a positive healthcare environment which supports uptake of your product;
  4. Communicating the “value” of your product to the range of customers who influence uptake.


On a regular basis our analysts keep the track of all changes in legislation, collect data from authorities on pharmaceuticals sales, monitor relevant russian and english periodicals and prepare the selections of related articles from all areas of medicine and pharmaceutics. Based on this data we define the trends, make forecasts and work out strategies of development.

We develop market access strategies based on market and product environment, payer requirements and treatment value that will help you to cope with the most difficulties and obstacles that you face with during market access of your products.  Based on the deep knoweledge of the reimbursement processes and helth system organization we develop strategies that will support optimal pricing and subsequent successful market penetration for your product.

Specialists and consultants of Medical Development Agency understand the changing national health system environment and can correctly evaluate its impact on your business, customer-base; and taking this in account to adapt your contact or company/product strategy in response to it.


So our functions for you are:

  1. Outcomes research plan development throughout all stages of drug development to help you differentiate your product, gain market access, and achieve commercial success;
  2. Market access strategy development for the defined product, for the group of products and for the company on the whole;
  3. Ensuring the effective local implementation of the national health system guidance;
  4. Ensuring the national health system has sufficient service and/or financial plans in place to support the managed entry of new drugs into the national positive drug list;
  5. Porter five forces analyses;
  6. Trying  to secure funding for a drug that is in the national negative drug list;
  7. Trying  to secure funding for a drug (drug dossier) that is awaiting review by the Ministry of Health


List of some important advantages that your company will have in case of registry project realization :

  • An access to the "real world" therapeutic effectiveness and safety data
  • Large patient numbers can detect rare adverse events
  • Heterogeneity among numerous investigative sites
  • Usual diagnostic and follow-up procedures can be used rather than “research” procedures
  • Can be conducted in any phase of product development
  • Essential tool for strategic planning: sales and marketing strategies
  • Real-time data collection & analysis produces rapid readouts of patient trends, marketing campaigns, field sales implementation, or other external factors 
  • Study subjects are heterogeneous (various treatments, concomitant meds, co-morbidities)
  • Ability to use trend information to quickly identify competitive effects, and to create and implement retention programs
  • Cost effective on a per patient basis
  • Evidence-based medicine for outcomes & reimbursement (national and regional standards of treatment, Priorities Lists, gidelines etc...)
    Allows you to create momentum and excitement around your product – by sharing good data and trend information with your customers – essentially "proof that cannot be denie" 
  • Allows you to focus on success and improving outcomes
  • Essential tool for Competitive Environment Analysis 
  • Unlimited potential for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, to present new data through presentations, publications (data results, insights and case studies) and posters 
  • Create "data review gathering", patient registry  "events", meetings, roundtables and supplements
You need to know
Useful information on the legal basis for the circulation of medicines in the Russian Federation.
Useful information
Useful information
Useful information on the legal basis for the circulation of medicines in the Russian Federation.
Our team
Our team
Medical Development Agency specialists are not just experienced managers who have a solid background of knowledge, skills and successfully implemented projects. It is also a friendly, cohesive team that ensures a high level of efficiency of our work and the competitiveness of the company in the market.
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