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Economic indicators of the Russian pharmaceutical market in October

According to the analytical Agency DSM Group, the volume of the Russian commercial LP market in September 2019 amounted to 89.9 billion rubles (in retail prices). Compared to August, the market capacity increased by 10.1%. In comparison with September 2018, this year the market showed an increase in sales by 5.5%. The average cost of packaging a drug in the commercial market of Russia in September compared to August decreased by 0.9%, and amounted to 192.2 rubles.

The increase in the commercial drug market for the first nine months of 2019 compared to the same period of 2018 in ruble equivalent amounted to 1.9%. The total capacity was 739.2 billion rubles.

In the structure of the commercial LP market in September 2019, the price segments are dominated by drugs with a cost of 150 to 500 rubles. the Share of the group of drugs up to 50 rubles decreased by 0.2% compared to September 2018, and amounted to 4.2%. The share of the segment of drugs with an average cost of packaging 50-150 rubles was 11.7% (+0.4%). The share of the group of drugs with a price range of 150-500 rubles decreased from 43.8% in September 2018 to 43.7% in September 2019. The share of expensive drugs, as a year earlier, was 40.7%.

At the end of September 2019, 61.4% of drugs sold on the market were domestic (in natural units), however, due to its low price relative to imported drugs, in value terms they took 32.1%.

The commercial segment of the market at the end of September 2019 was represented by 33.8% prescription drugs and 66.2% OTC-means in packages, in value terms, the market is almost divided in half.

The rating of companies by value sales in September 2019 was headed by Bayer, in second place — "Otisipharm", in third place — Novartis.

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